Trump’s Former Foreign Policy Advisor Just Refused To Testify Before Congress For Russia Probe

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President Trump’s former campaign foreign affairs advisor and noted associate of Russian oligarchs just became the latest member of his gang to say that he’s going to take the 5th Amendment to avoid testifying before to Congress to avoid making a self-incriminating statement.

Page became the subject of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant after his frequent, campaign-approved trips to Moscow, where he spewed anti-American bile (video below) to Russian students at the New School. The Steele dossier’s report of his meeting with high ranking Russian officials who were involved in a massive oil deal is what ultimately led the FBI to believe that Carter Page, could be spying for Vladimir Putin. Politico


Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, informed the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he will not be cooperating with any requests to appear before the panel for its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and would plead the Fifth, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Though Page’s resistance to testify may delay his appearance before the panel, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) have threatened to compel any official or Trump-connected figure who tries to evade the committee, including through the use of subpoenas.

The New York Times revealed in April that Carter Page was recruited by Russian spies working for VeneshEconomBank and provided them documents only a couple of years earlier.

His dance with Congress began with Page dropping off a bizarre statement on May 5th to the Senate Intel Committee in which he evaded answering investigators queries blaming Hillary Clinton for his legal woes and claiming “intolerance against Catholics.”

Then on May 31st, the now suddenly silent Carter Page went on the offensive in the press, telling the Washington Examiner that the FBI and CIA were lying about him. That’s when suddenly, President Trump blasted out a pair of early morning tweets claiming that it was all a ‘witch hunt.’

The Commander-in-Chief’s complaint was that the House Intel Democrats had halted the interview process waiting for documents to inform their Russian election investigation. It happened just after news broke that his crony Rep. Dana Nunez (R-CA) broke his promise to recuse from the investigation and jumped back into the fray to interfere with their investigation.

But the details about Page and his Washington, D.C. “dog and pony” show with the President was lost in the news cycle because Trump wrote a stupid sounding typo the same day.

Then, Page made headlines again on June 10th, declaring that the Senate Intel Committee which he’s now evading “completely blocked” him from testifying when obviously, quite the exact opposite is true.

Carter Page’s elaborate attempt to spread misinformation about the Senate Intel Committee – amazingly well timed to coincide with the President’s tweeting – really highlights the energy consultant’s new stated goal of avoiding self-incriminating statements.

It makes perfect sense that Page would wish to withhold his testimony, and in a court of law, that shouldn’t bias a juror, but in the court of public opinion, many people will politically judge his plea of the 5th Amendment as a tacit admission that he’s committed illegal acts.

No attorney would advise the NYU Professor to testify under oath anywhere after watching this extremely awkward interview on MSNBC with Chris Hayes in March where he admitted meeting Russia’s Ambassador.

But today’s news makes it even more likely that Carter Page will face an involuntary appearance in front of Congress and a showdown over his outsized role in last year’s election.

Here is Carter Page calling American foreign policy, hypocritical speaking to a Russian audience in Moscow, right before last year’s Republican National Convention:

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