The KKK Just Got Caught Recruiting High Schoolers. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is PERFECT

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Chelsea Clinton was having none of the KKK’s hateful hypocrisy this afternoon.  She immediately took to Twitter to issue a blistering takedown of the hate group, after they were caught handing out flyers in the Grays Creek High School parking lot.

Citing today’s Newsweek story about the Hope Mills, North Carolina “Loyal White Knights” recruiting teenagers by using the Confederate flag to condemn athletes who protest racial injustice, the former First Daughter asked, “But…did they stand for the National Anthem?”

Unlike the white supremacists she humiliated, she recognizes the idiotic double standard their flyers convey.  The Confederate flag is a symbol of treason, yet KKK members use it to question the patriotism of NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem.

As if secessionists were the arbiters of patriotism!  As if agents of the very white supremacy athletes are protesting should have a say in how their victims protest.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump orchestrated a taxpayer-funded protest of the kneeling players over the weekend.  Yet the President called neo-Nazis “very fine people” in August and the Vice President backed him up.

This administration has fanned the flames of racial hatred since before they were elected into office.  Meanwhile, the hate speech and hate crimes they have ginned up from their base continually rise in number, while they focus their ire on black protestors, calling them “Sons of B**ches” and demanding they be fired.

According to the Newsweek article, the KKK group did not reserve their hatred for athletes alone as they recruited white kids from the 44%-minority school: “The fliers showcased racist comments about Jews, Mexicans and Muslims written atop the Confederate flag, also attacking Black Lives Matter…and black culture.”

This all comes on the heels of a weekend when neo-Nazis and white supremacists reconvened in Charlottesville to commemorate the violence that resulted in the August murder of anti-racism activist, Heather Heyer and merciless beating of DeAndre Harris.

Ms. Clinton does well to point out the un-American bigotry represented in the KKKs recruitment flyers.

While the Trump administration feeds on it, more than two-thirds of the nation looks around desperately for someone to unify us.

We must all intervene to stop the normalization of genocidal speech and action.

The KKK has started recruiting at high schools around the country and hate crimes are up among teens.

Our children are emulating our leaders.

We must all follow Ms. Clinton’s lead and offer the next generation an example of peace.


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