A Drunken Racist Just Got What He Deserved On The New York City Subway

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Gothamist article just brought to light an inimitably New York story of vigilante crime and punishment.

Over the weekend, a self-professed “legal scholar” who claimed to have attended “NYU Law School,” which he believed made him an expert on “the First Amendment,” declared it his right to yell the N-word at a group of black strangers on the L train to Brooklyn.  You can watch the video at the bottom of this story.

Guzzling a Bud Light Lime-A-Rita on the subway is illegal, but Perry Mason Jr. must have forgotten that as he delivered his racist legal treatise.

One transcendently New York white woman interrupted his rant with, “Sir, I think you’re projecting a little bit, here.”

A black woman and two black men promptly ejected him from the subway car at Williamsburg’s Bedford stop, punctuating the statement by emptying a cup of soup on his receding hairline, as their white neighbors backed them up shouting, “Get your hate speech out of here! F*** you!”

As he sprawled between the subway door and the floor of the train platform, one white woman attempted to drop a glass bottle on his head, but thankfully missed.

Since the election of Trump, hate speech and hate crimes are on the rise, including in the New York City subway.

The frequency and boldness of racists’ acts may be a recent development.  But New Yorkers’ ability to stand up for themselves and each other is time tested.


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