Sources Just Revealed Special Counsel Mueller Has Met With British Spy Who Wrote “Pee Tape” Dossier

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In a surprising turn of events, CNN has announced that Special Counsel Mueller’s team has met with Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who gathered the information in the explosive Steele Dossier, also known as the “Golden Showers” dossier for its more salacious allegations against Donald Trump.

Sources “familiar with the matter” have revealed that Mueller’s team met with Steele earlier this summer, indicating that the agencies have taken the dossier much more seriously than previously believed.

The Steele Dossier details the ways in which the Donald Trump campaign consorted and colluded with agents of the Russian government in order to swing the 2016 November election in his favor, including meetings with foreign nationals and an alleged quid pro quo in relation to the Magnitsky sanctions and the emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

 The dossier also describes how the Russian government allegedly gathered kompromat – compromising information – on Donald Trump during a 2012 trip to Russia.
According to the dossier, the Russian Federal Security Bureau (FSB) allegedly has video evidence of Donald Trump engaging in “perverted sex parties” that include hiring prostitutes to urinate in front of him on the bed that President Obama and his wife shared at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.

Steele has gone into hiding following the release of the explosive dossier, fearful of the long arm of the Kremlin and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s fondness for tying up loose ends with murder – but Mueller and his team appear to have found him.

While President Trump and his team have insisted that the entire document is fiction, more and more pieces of the dossier have been corroborated as time has gone on.

 The allegations in the dossier of collusion between Trump and agents of the Russian Federation are very serious indeed – and the fact that Mueller is serious enough to pull Steele out of hiding in order to get his side of the story is very, very bad news for Trump.

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