Sources Just Revealed Trump Had To Be Stopped From Throwing Cans At Puerto Rican Victims

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As if throwing paper towels at Hurricane Irma’s victims wasn’t bad enough, President Trump also tried to throw giant cans of chicken at the crowd, during his visit to a church in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico yesterday.

Completely oblivious to the fact that he could have hit the already-suffering locals in the head, President Trump had to be stopped by the very people he was about to clobber, according to today’s Washington Post:

Trump passed out yellow bags of rice and then started tossing rolls of towels into the crowd as if he were shooting free-throws. The crowd laughed and cheered him on. When he contemplated doing the same with the cans of chicken, the crowd gently told him no. 

We are not talking about a two-year-old who needs to be told not to throw hard objects at suffering people’s heads.  We are talking about the leader of the free world.

To make matters worse, he proceeded to shine a flashlight in their eyes, adding, “Flashlights — you don’t need ’em anymore.  You don’t need ’em anymore.”

His obtuseness when it comes to basic human struggles appears limitless.

A member of the church showed him the water purification kits locals were forced to use in order to have safe drinking water after the unprecedented storm.

‘Wait,’ Trump said, ‘you put it in dirty water?’

‘And then you can drink it after 10 to 12 hours,’ she explained.

‘Would you do it? Would you drink it?’ he asked.

‘Sure,’ she said.

‘Really?’ Trump said, a disgusted look coming across his face.

‘Really,’ she said.

‘Is this your company or something?’ Trump asked the woman, seeming suspicious of the aggressive pitch.

‘No,’ she said, ‘I’m part of the church.’

‘This is an interesting thing,’ Trump said, as he started to hand out the kits. ‘Try that.’

The Washington Post also points out that Trump visited wealthy gated communities that were relatively unharmed by the Category 5 hurricane, rather than visiting further into the poverty-stricken regions of the island that were decimated.

Trump then minimized Puerto Ricans’ suffering, saying that Hurricane Katrina was “a real catastrophe” by comparison to Maria, and citing a death count that was days old and more than 50% less than the current count of 34.

Hurricane Maria left the island without power, cell phone service, fuel, food, and drinking water, demolished homes across the island, and sent sewage flooding into the streets.  But, according to Trump, it wasn’t a “real catastrophe.”

Adding insult to injury, he brought up the American protectorate’s “debt,” trying to shame its people for running up the U.S. budget, which he never said to hurricane victims in Texas and Florida.

Today, he offered to wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt, forcing the White House to walk back the comments its most prominent inhabitant had thoughtlessly blurted out.

One thing Trump’s Puerto Rico visit reinforces is that he is unfit to lead in times of disaster.  But of course he is.  He’s unfit to lead at all.

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