The NBA Banned Kneeling During The National Anthem, So The NY Knicks Did This Instead

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After the NBA reminded teams about their rule mandating that athletes and coaches stand during the national anthem, the New York Knicks defiantly chose another way to express their discontent with the current social climate in our country.

During the pregame ritual, the players linked arms instead of placing their hands over their hearts.

“We have a deep love and respect for this country,” the Knicks tweeted. “The United States has given us all so much including an unbelievable opportunity and platform to stand up for what’s right.”

“Today, our country faces serious issues including gun violence, poverty, equal justice, access to education, and civil rights…. Standing together, by addressing these issues, that is how we honor the sacrifices made to defend liberties.”

The debate over kneeling during the national anthem was thrust back into the spotlight after Donald Trump’s rally in Alabama several weeks ago, where he was supposed to be campaigning for Republican candidate Luther Strange ahead of the Republican Senate primary runoff (Strange ultimately lost). During a rambling stream of consciousness, the President’s attention instead turned to the issue of NFL players kneeling.

The following morning, Trump set his sight on the NBA. Responding to all-star guard Stephen Curry, who spoke out in no uncertain terms about his unwillingness to visit the White House, the President “rescinded” his invitation. Of course, rescinding an invitation after its been denied hardly has the devastating effect Trump was hoping for.

 Trump’s wholly inappropriate and divisive remarks – both regarding the NFL protest of kneeling during the national anthem and launching a targeted attack on Steph Curry on Twitter – were met with a barrage of criticism from professional athletes, coaches, league officials, and fans.

The incident even sparked a movement in which hundreds more players decided to kneel during the national anthem in solidarity with their fellow league-mates over the course of the next few weeks.

Trump may threaten America’s athletes over Twitter just as the NBA may try to silence their players, but it seems that those in the sports world will stop at nothing to swing the pendulum back in the direction of civility in this country.

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