Las Vegas Sheriff’s Heartfelt Words Just Took Aim At Trump And The NRA

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At a news briefing this evening, Las Vegas sheriff, Joseph Lombardo, did not flinch when asked if was concerned about his officers facing automatic weapons like those used to murder at least 59 people and wound 515 in Sunday night’s massacre at the Harvest 91 Country Music Festival.  You can watch the video below.

“I’m absolutely concerned,” he answered.  “The world has changed.”

Stephen Paddock, who carried out the attack, not only endangered Lombardo’s officers with his guns, but he also rigged the hotel with cameras to detect their movements — a chilling detail that puts in perspective both the maniacal workings of the mass murderer’s mind, but also the incredible danger the LVPD faced in their mission to capture him.

The world has indeed changed.  Since Bill Clinton’s partial assault weapons ban expired in 2004, mass shootings have risen dramatically.

The NRA has attacked law enforcement officials for demanding common-sense gun reform, when it has suited them.  Meanwhile, they have used attacks like the one in Las Vegas to rationalize arming many police departments to the teeth with military-grade weapons — a practice President Obama banned, but Trump reinstated.

The NRA is out for money and they don’t care how many people are killed in the process.  Attacks like the Las Vegas massacre don’t suddenly resuscitate the consciences of the gun lobby and gun manufacturers.  Instead, their stocks skyrocketed yesterday.

Their argument is always that “good people with guns” will deter massacres.  However, data shows that most shootings do not occur in gun-free zones and easy access to guns dramatically increases the likelihood of shootings.

If we don’t ban assault weapons, as well as access to guns by domestic abusers, terrorists and the mentally ill, these mass shootings will continue to put the public — and the police — in peril.


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