Donald Trump Just Said He Had A ‘Lovely’ Trip To Puerto Rico, And That Not One Person Criticized Him

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Donald Trump is back on Air Force One returning to Washington, DC after his trip to Puerto Rico, and told reporters on board that post-Hurricane Puerto Rico was “really lovely.”

“That was a great, great visit. Really lovely,” Trump said, according to media reports.

Trump also said that he hadn’t received any constructive criticism during the trip over his administration’s response to the hurricane.

“We only heard thank yous from the people of Puerto Rico,” Trump said.

Trump made the comments as he departed the island after four hours of meetings with local officials and residents in the wake of the Category 4 storm that devastated the island almost two weeks ago.

Trump met with Puerto Rico officials for an update on recovery efforts, but noticeably left out San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz as he praised other leaders by name.

He went after Cruz in tweets over the weekend for her “poor leadership ability” after the storm following Cruz’s emotional plea for more help from the administration.

Cruz praised White House staffers in a pair of tweets Tuesday, saying a meeting with them had been “productive.”

“They REALLY understood the disconnect between how things are supposed to happen and how they really happen,” she tweeted. “Hopefully the newly open channels of communication with WH staff will put in motion what is needed to accomplish our goal: save lives.”

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