Trump Just Used A Double-Amputee Vet In His War On NFL. The Vet’s Response Is Everything

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On Friday at a rally in Alabama, President Trump launched into an unprovoked attack on black athletes in the NFL peacefully protesting police brutality, and he has not let up in the six days since.

One of his more powerful retweets was an image of former Marine Staff Sgt. John Jones, who lost both of his legs in Iraq. Jones however, is not happy to be used as pawn in the president’s divisive, faux patriotic attacks, and he made that clear today.

“I went over there and I fought for the rights and freedoms of everybody to do whatever they wanted to do in a lawful manner,” Jones told TPM. “So if the NFL as a whole wants to protest the flag and protest America, then so be it, that’s your right. Keep it peaceful, keep it respectful and I don’t care what you do.”


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