Moms Of NFL Players Just Joined Together To Call Out Trump In A Great Open Letter

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It is one thing to make a bunch of professional football players unhappy, as President Trump has learned recently, but now he has to contend with an even more potent force: their mothers.

The Professional Football Players Mothers Association has sent a scathing open letter to Trump after he referred to black athletes protesting police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem as “sons of bitches.”

Having been called bitches, the moms have struck back to make clear that the protests are not meant to disrespect the flag or the national anthem, but to make a more important point.

The mother’s group, which works with the players association, provides support for the players and is involved in numerous charitable endeavors. They work with and through their sons to improve their communities and present a positive image.

“Whether it be by kneeling or standing with their arms locked,” the letter reads, “our sons have chosen this platform to get the message out about social justice and unity, and they will always have our support.”

“Now that we obviously have your attention,” continues the letter, “let’s put a stop to the divisive language and start a productive dialogue for positive change.”

Michelle Green, who is president of the group, and the mother of former NFL offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, told BuzzFeed News that she was so appalled by Trump’s comments that she knew the group should respond to what she felt amounts to “bullying.”

“We know our worth as mothers,” said Green. “We’re not what he said we were.”

The letter thanks the NFL and all the fans for supporting their sons who are the target of this hate and standing with them as they attempt to bring about positive change.

“We know the hearts of our sons and therefore,” reads the letter, “we know that they will continue to present themselves in a positive image that exemplifies professional sportsmanlike behavior, high moral values, and good character.”

What Trump has said is the opposite of that goal.

“It saddens the organization to know that President Donald Trump would make our sons – as well as their mothers – the target of inflammatory offensive comments that are intended to promote anger and hatred, depleting them of their heritage and self-identify.”

The letter concludes with a quote from the Proverbs 21:23: “Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.”

It is a nice gesture, and it humanizes the football players who are involved in the protests, which will help more people understand what they are doing and why.

It is not likely to change Trump, who clearly has no intention of keeping his mouth or his tongue out of trouble since that is what got him elected – and it is who he is and will continue to be.

It speaks once again to the great divide in this country between those who think the protest is about the flag or a song, and those who understand it is about making sure we are all equal when it comes to social and criminal justice in the United States.

As others have pointed out, saying the players are just protesting the flag or the anthem is like saying Rosa Parks was protesting the bus company.

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