Jared Kushner’s Private Correspondence Just Got Into The Wrong Hands, Again

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This morning, and for the second time in one week, Jared Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, fell for British internet prankster @SINON_REBORN’s email antics.  In a letter today, the Senate Intelligence Committee demanded via Lowell that Kushner hand over emails from his previously undisclosed private server, but the lawyer accidentally forwarded the letter to the email account of the fake “Kushner” who had punked him earlier in the week, and who handed over the letter to CNN today.

In their correspondence, the Intelligence Committee had ordered Kushner to disclose:

[All] personal e-mail account described in the news media as well as all over accounts, messaging apps, or similar communications channels you may have used or that may contain information relevant to our inquiry.

Lowell’s astounding incompetence cannot be overstated.  First, he fell for the prankster’s incredibly obvious initial ruse, as described in Talking Points Memo:

In the previous exchange, the Kushner imposter expressed concern about ‘adult content’ buried amid his private emails, including videos of ‘half naked women on a trampoline’ and one that came with with the hashtag ‘#standingOnTheLittlePeople.’

Then, he didn’t erase the email address of the prankster from his contacts, so that when he went to forward the letter to the real Kushner, he automatically sent it to the imposter.

This is not the first time Kushner has failed to disclose vital information to officials, nor is it the first time defense lawyers in the Russia investigation have made an unforced error.

Only two questions remain.  Why has Kushner’s security clearance not been revoked yet?  And why was this laughably inept administration elected in the first place?

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