NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Just Used The Strongest Terms Yet To Decry Trump’s NFL Feud

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As President Trump neglects his official duties, including providing aid to the hurricane ravaged U.S. territory Puerto Rico, he continues his attack on black athletes in the NFL for peacefully protesting police brutality and centuries of oppression.

Today, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar refused to watch Trump’s disgraceful behavior in silence.

“I can think of instances when a president’s opinion could be worthwhile, especially when trying to uphold principles of the Constitution or the well-being of the players,” Abdul-Jabbar told the International Business Times.

“However, Trump’s comments are direct attacks on the constitutional principles of free speech,” he continued. “For someone who has sworn to uphold the Constitution, this is either an example of immense ignorance or willful treason.”

While Republicans have argued, despite the election of a reality personality president, that athletes and entertainers have no business talking about politics, Abdul-Jabbar proves that some athletes have perspectives that are more thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent, and helpful than many elected officials and pundits.

Abdul-Jabbar went on to add some historical context to the president’s self-made scandal, saying that Trump’s remarks about black athletes are “pretty much what the British said about the leaders of the American Revolution — the wealthy were making money by colluding with the British, so they should just be grateful.”

“Fortunately,” he added, “those leaders couldn’t be bought off.”

As for Trump’s insistence that “this has nothing to do with race,” Abdul-Jabbar was not convinced.

“The implication here is that black athletes should be grateful that they’ve been invited to dine with the white elites and if they want to keep their place at the table, they should keep dancing and smiling and keep their mouths shut,” he said.

“The myth of the Happy Negro needs to be dispelled once and for all,” Abdul-Jabbar added.

Today, a legendary athlete spoke up against a president. If that president has any sense, he would listen.

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