Ivanka Trump Just Tweeted About America’s Children, But There’s A Big Problem

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Today, in a seemingly benign tweet, Ivanka Trump quoted her father’s initiative to expand the Child Tax Credit, citing his apparent dedication to America’s children.

However, in only three days, funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which provides health insurance for nine million children, is set to expire. And Trump, who is evidently so concerned with our country’s “most important investment” has said absolutely nothing on the matter.

The program, which costs about $14 billion per year, has nearly eliminated uninsured children in this country.

To put that into perspective, the Senate just gave the Pentagon $700 billion, which could have paid to insure America’s children a staggering 50 times over.

“This is ridiculous. It’s already too late,” said Joan Alker, executive director of Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families. “We have never had a situation like this before.”

While Congress has until the September 30th deadline to take up the issue, Senate aides have conceded that action is not likely.

While Ivanka Trump is quick to spew empty rhetoric to promote her father, she would be better served to make sure her claims don’t ring completely shallow.

If Trump truly believes the most important investment our country can make is in our children, he should speak out to protect them before they’re added to the Republican wishlist of uninsured Americans.

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