Minnesota GOP Lawmaker Calls For The Rape Of Anti-Trump Protestors, This Is SICK!!

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On Sunday, Antifa protesters in Portland rallied against members of “Patriot Prayer,” a traveling pro-Trump conservative group which staged a demonstration in the city that day.

Some Antifa members also clashed with Portland police, who informed the public via Twitter that participants were “throwing irritant smoke and projectiles at police.”

A few hours after that report, Pat Garofalo, a seven-term Republican in the Minnesota House, crafted this response to this information:

1) Arrest them
2) Hold them for 72 hrs before posting bail
3) Give them alone time with Bubba in Appalachia.#EffectiveRehabilition

This isn’t the first time Garofalo’s quick Twitter trigger has inspired controversy.

In 2014, Garofalo joked that if the National Basketball Association folded, it would have limited impact on people’s lives, with the “possible exception of [an] increase in street crime.”

Garofalo first defended that tweet, then later “sincerely apologized” for it in a lengthy statement, which included this line:

“In the last 24 hours, I’ve had the opportunity to re-learn one of life’s lessons: whenever any of us are offering opinions, it is best to refer to people as individuals as opposed to groups.”

As you can imagine, Twitter was not pleased:

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