Democrats Just Flipped Two Major Seats That Went For Trump In Tonight’s Special Elections

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In tonight’s special elections in two states – New Hampshire and Oklahoma – Democrats have flipped two seats that were formerly under Republican control– and even voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

In New Hampshire, Democrat Charlie St. Clair won 56 to 44 percent, becoming the first Democrat to win this district since 2012. More tellingly, because Trump took this district 56 to 39 percent, St. Clair’s margin of victory is a 28-point swing in the Democrats’ favor from the last election.

St. Clair will replace Republican Robert Fisher, who lied under oath about his involvement with a decidedly bigoted Reddit forum.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Democrat Jacob Rosecrants won the special election to the Oaklahoma State House 60 to 40 percent, also becoming the first Democrat to take the seat since 2012. Because Trump won this district 52 to 41 percent in November, Rosecrants’ win marks a 31-point swing from red to blue. More remarkably, Rosecrants vindicated his loss from 2016, in which he was defeated 60 to 40 percent—the same margin he won by tonight.

Rosecrants will replace Republican Scott Martin, who has served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives since 2006.

As Democrats continue to unseat Republicans in a stunningly lopsided fashion, Congressional Republicans will continue to distance themselves from an increasingly unpopular Trump administration before they, too, find themselves out of a job.

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