Comedy Central Star Gets Trump Supporters To Sign Petition To Impeach Hillary Clinton, This Is HYSTERICAL!!

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Former Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper’s new Comedy Central show The Opposition does not premiere until September 25.

But as we can see from the first clip of the new series, he is already hard at work exposing Donald Trump’s supporters for who they are.

Klepper, who channels an Alex Jones-type conspiracy theorist character on the show, traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for Donald Trump’s campaign rally last month.

And while he was there, he used his new persona to rile up some of Trump’s most fervent supporters.

After saying into the camera that viewers shouldn’t “trust anybody who’s talking into a camera,” Klepper explained that The Opposition is “opposed to the resistance, which is technically resisting the opposition.”

Klepper immediately got Trump fans on board for his new show by describing it as “anti-mainstream, anti-Soros and anti-globalist” as well as “anti-Oprah’s Book Club and anti-pho” — not antifa.

They seemed to have no idea they were being interviewed by a satirical comedian who was mocking everything they hold dear.

Klepper’s greatest achievement at the Trump rally, however, may have been getting Trump’s supporters to sign his “Impeach Hillary Clinton” petition.

More than one Trump loyalist could be seen readily signing their name to the campaign to “oust Hillary Clinton from public office.”


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