Trump Just Tweeted About Churches Receiving Federal Relief Funds, Got Brutal Response

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas, Trump made clear his opinion that churches, which are not taxed, should benefit from FEMA relief funds, which are subsidized by American taxpayers.

Churches, of course, are tax exempt in the first place because they are supposed to offer public services, like, for example, assisting the community in the aftermath of a hurricane.

So while churches may indeed have helped the victims from Hurricane Harvey, making them eligible to receive federal funds when they don’t pay into the system is not only inherently counterintuitive but displays a very tenuous grasp of U.S. fiscal policy.

Trump may have great difficulty reconciling his propensity to pander to the religious right and his party’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, but to endorse essentially paying a tax-exempt church as if it was a for-profit business is certainly not the answer.

Of course, as soon as his misguided comment landed on the internet, social media enthusiastically explained to the President of the United States the error of his ways.

Maybe Trump should stick to his hurricane photo-ops and leave tax policy to those who are even slightly qualified.

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