Mars, Inc. To Spend $1 Billion To Combat Climate Change

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If the recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey have taught us anything it is that climate change is real. The floods are getting worse and the Hurricane keep getting stronger. In fact, another Hurricane is set to make landfall on the east coast, and coastal towns are already being evacuated.

After Harvey’s $150 billion worth of damage, no one is taking any chances. Yet the Republicans still like to doubt that climate change exists and is a major problem.  But one major chocolate company pledged to spend close to $1 billion over the next several years to reduce its environmental impact and fight climate change, The Hill reports.

Mars, Inc., which manufactures M&Ms, Skittles and other popular candies, told Business Insider that the company’s goal is to reduce its carbon footprint by 60 percent by the year 2050.

Just think about the tremendous impact it could have on the climate if more companies thought like this. Barry Parkin, Mars’s chief sustainability officer, explained: “There are obviously commitments the world is leaning into but, frankly, we don’t think we’re getting there fast enough collectively. We’re trying to go all in here.”

The move will likely motivate and inspire other companies to take similar action. Parkin went on to justify the company’s decision. Parkin told reporters: “We’re a food business, which is based on agriculture, so we care a lot about the farmers who supply us around the world. It’s towards 1 million farmers around the world who produce raw materials for us.

Climate science says many of those are going to be challenged as the world gets warmer. We care about this both on a societal level but also on a business level.”

Parkin concluded: “We’re clearly disappointed that the U.S. administration has chosen to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

We’re not interested in the politics here — this is about policy. We believe in the scientific view of climate science and the need for collective action.” I think we all can agree with Parkin on that one.

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