Ex-CIA Official Says Why Russian Dossier Allegations Against Trump Are True

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After the release of the infamous dossier about President Donald Trump’s close ties to Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia, Trump’s associates tried to dismiss it on the basis that it contained colorful descriptions of sex acts Trump had performed for him.

However, according to a new analysis by a former CIA official, the 35 page page dossier (popularly known as the “pee tape” dossier) does have significant credibility.

Wrote ex-CIA station chief John Sipher in his piece titled “A Second Look at the Steele Dossier—Knowing What We Know Now” on Just Security, “One large portion of the dossier is crystal clear, certain, consistent and corroborated.

Russia’s goal all along has been to do damage to America and our leadership role in the world. Also, the methods described in the report fit the Russians to a tee. If the remainder of the report is largely true, Russia has a powerful weapon to help achieve its goal.” Sipher went on to state that British agent Christopher Steele’s claim that the Russians have a tape of Trump hiring call girls to urinate on a bed in a hotel in Moscow is likely accurate.

He stated, “The most explosive charge in the Steele document was the claim that Trump hired prostitutes to defile a bed slept in by former President Obama. The important factor to consider is that Trump did not engage with the prostitutes himself, but instead allegedly sought to denigrate Obama.”

Sipher continued, “If there is anything consistent in what we have learned about President Trump, it seems that his policies are almost exclusively about overturning and eradicating anything related to President Obama’s tenure.

In this sense, he is akin to the ancient Pharaohs, Byzantine and Roman Emperors like Caligula, who sought to obliterate the existence of their predecessors, even destroying and defacing their images. Is it inconceivable that he would get some satisfaction from a private shaming of the former president?” Noting how this behavior was in line with past Trump behavior, John stated, “While it is not worth serious exploration, the notion that Trump might be involved with beautiful young women as alleged in the reports doesn’t seem to be much of a stretch.

His private life is well documented and litigated, such that it doesn’t seem wholly out-of-bounds to tie the reports about his activity in Russia with his history of undue interest in young women.” Do you think Sipher is right about the dossier?


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