Texas Attorney General Avoids Talking About Dreamer Hero’s Fate

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Supporters of President Donald Trump will forever have a black mark for providing racist, xenophobic zealot Trump the cover he needed to send nearly 800,000 DACA recipients to a very uncertain fate by removing their legal protections to live and work in the United States.

Trump and his associates’ attempted characterization of DACA recipients as “MS-13 gang members” was directly contradicted by the story of one “Dreamer” paramedic who showed true heroism during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. When confronted with the matter of what would happen to this man, the Attorney General of Texas could do nothing but dodge the question.

Texas’ Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton appeared on CNN’s The Lead and was asked by host Jake Tapper, “What do you think immigration officials in this country should do with the nearly 800,000 Dreamers who thus far have been allowed to stay on this two-year renewal basis as long as they meet appropriate qualifications, don’t have any felony convictions, et cetera?” Punted Paxton, “Look, my job is to enforce the Constitution, defend our Constitution. It is up to Congress to make decisions about what the right policy is.”

Pressed Tapper, “But it’s not a theoretical question for you, especially being the Attorney General of Texas. As you know, for example, there’s a DACA recipient in Texas, Jesus Contreras, he’s a paramedic and he spent six days rescuing victims of Hurricane Harvey in his and your home state of Texas.”

He then asked, point blank, “He’s a Dreamer. He could potentially face deportation in this nation he’s called home since the age of six. What should happen to Jesus?” Responded Paxton, shifting into impersonal generalities, “So for the next six months, there is going to be basically no enforcement on any of this until March of 2018.

After that it comes down to a matter of priorities for the administration, but hopefully by then Congress will address the issue and resolve some of the concerns that the Americans might have about this particular issue.”

Demanded Jake, “But you don’t have an opinion one way or the other?” Dismissed Paxton, “I don’t worry about policy. That’s up to the policymakers and Congress.” Are you appalled by the utter lack of humaneness of Trump and his bigoted backers?

Watch the interview below:

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