Famous Evangelist Just Shreds Trump & His Hypocritical Evangelist Worshippers – “Trump Ain’t God!” [Video]

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Evangelical Christians have been making Americans’ jaws drop with their outrageous statements about Trump.

Christians everywhere are having trouble believing why they are putting Trump’s name and God’s name in the same sentence.

However, not all conservative evangelists are on board the Trump train.

Famous evangelical coach Dave Daubenmire isn’t buying it, and he just slammed his peers for putting Trump on a pedestal.

Trump hosted a summit at the White House with Christian conservatives that Daubenmire did not approve of.

He was sickened by the way they glorified Trump.

Daubenmire commented on the footage, “You just watch this and ask yourself, is this idolatry and hero-worship or not. It’s like wining and dining a woman. Giddy. ‘Oh, we got to do this and we got two hours with him!’ Have they spent two hours with the King of King and the Lord of Lords? Have they? Do they worship the ground that the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord walks on as they do the El Presidente?”

He added, “Trump ain’t God, Trump can’t make America great again and the guys in the room taking all those selfies, they’re the ones who got us in this mess.”

“Prosperity Gospel” preacher Paula White headed the summit.  Daubenmire stated:

“Paula White! Are you kidding me? I’m not trying to be critical, but Paula White’s on her third marriage … When Trump signed that order in the garden, you know who was right behind him? Paula White.”

“So there we are in America, Donald Trump giving authority back to the church—like he can do that, right?—and who do we see in the background, strategically placed behind him? Kewpie doll Paula White, applauding.”


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