Trump Stunned As Democrats Introduce Legislation That Has Him Triggered!

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Since the start of Trump’s presidency, the American people have been making a push to see his tax returns.

There were protests in Palm Beach and the Tax Day March where thousands of people came together to demand Trump’s returns.

For the past forty years, every president has shown their tax returns, no questions asked.

Trump, on the hand, lied about an IRS audit which was confirmed after the IRS gave him the green light to release his returns.

Well, the time to see those returns may be on the horizon.

New York Democratic state senators introduced legislation that will force Trump to release the last five years of his returns.

The bill is called Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act aka TRUMP Act.  Sen. Brad Hoylman said, “The tax experts I’ve spoken to think we’ll get a good snapshot of what’s on his federal form.”

The man who inspired Hoylman to create the bill, University of Chicago Law Professor Daniel Hemel, told CNN Money:

“Trump would almost certainly bring a constitutional challenge to any law requiring him to disclose his [federal] tax returns as a condition for ballot access, and it is far from clear that these laws would hold up in court.

But publishing Trump’s state tax returns is a much more viable option — and would make his returns available to the public now, rather than three years from now.

The Republican control of the senate is nominal.

I wouldn’t rule out this happening by any means. Public support is widespread.”

Watch the clip below:

What do you think?

What do you think?