Timeline Of Events In Flynn’s Lies Equals Impeachment Trouble For Idiot Trump (DETAILS)

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A timeline of the actions of Sally Yates and Michael Flynn indicates that massive evidence of efforts by the Trump administration to cover up their collusion with Russia already exists publicly.

The former acting attorney general’s testimony may be able to rely on that timeline to prove the collusion during her testimony.

The information that is already public indicates proof of this.

On January 26, Yates warned the Trump administration that Flynn may have been compromised by Russia and that he lied about conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. when Flynn said he did not discuss President Obama’s Russian sanctions. Yet on January 28, Flynn was allowed to be part of a conference call between Putin, Trump, Vice President Pence, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, and Steve Bannon. Yates was fired by the Trump administration just four days after her warning.

Just two weeks later, Flynn resigned when it was revealed that he most certainly had lied about his conversations with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The day after Flynn’s resignation, it was reported that recorded phone calls proved that other members of Trump’s campaign team had also been in contact with Kislyak during the 2016 presidential elections.

From that moment on, the daily efforts to discredit the New York Times story and cover up evidence of further collusion by Trump’s campaign team with Russian operatives began in earnest.

In addition to President Trump’s endless efforts to discredit those who could prove what is implicated about his and his campaign team’s actions during the elections, including tweets accusing former AG Sally Yates on the Monday morning of her testimony, as well as his commitment to distracting his supporters’ attention by accusing President Obama of “wiretapping” and the DNC of “dealing with Russia,” the efforts by those close to Trump have been even more extensive.

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) compromised himself by announcing classified information that doesn’t come close to proving Trump’s wiretapping claims in a press conference.

Members of Trump’s administration fed him that classified information to distract from the Trump/Russia story and to discredit the evidence against Trump’s team.

Nunes, who had led the House Intel Committee’s investigation into evidence of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign and transition teams, was forced to recuse himself from the investigation.

The evidence gets more and more complicated as it goes along.

Hopefully, Sally Yates’ testimony will be able to unravel it for the American voters.

For more on the Trump/Russia cover up, see video below:

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