Dem. Senator Rips Republicans A New Asshole With This

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On Thursday, House Republicans pushed their replacement for Obamacare through without thinking about the millions of Americans who will lose their health care coverage.  The GOP’s bill is especially devastating for anyone who suffers from the long list of pre-existing conditions.

Millions of American citizens with pre-existing conditions will be forced to drop their coverage or go bankrupt, but does the GOP care? No.

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio spoke up and expressed his displeasure with the Republican health care bill.  After Brown heard the news following Thursday’s vote, he let loose on Twitter listing all of the pre-existing conditions that will cause insurance premiums to jump.

Check out his tweets below:

So what is a pre-existing condition? Let’s put it like this – you may pay more for healthcare under their plan if you’ve been affected by:

Every family in America has at least one member who suffers from one of these conditions.  The GOP is in cahoots with Big Pharma to bleed Americans dry.  That’s why they are celebrating.  They are about to get richer while millions of American’s struggle to survive.

What do you think?

What do you think?