Game-Changing Announcement Made By Republican House Oversight Committee

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While it was extremely suspicious that Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) refused to investigate Trump’s ties with Russia, things just got a whole lot more strange.

Earlier today, Chaffetz posted to Facebook that he would not be running for election in 2018 after speculations that he would not.

This has journalist speculating as to what would cause the young Republican Chairman of the House Oversight Committee to give up his seat.

According to sources, Chaffetz reasons for not investigating Trump could because he is being blackmailed by the Russian government.

What else wouldn’t Chaffetz want to investigate what may be the biggest political scandal in American history?

After all, he has lead investigations against President Barack Obama’s administration and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He obviously has no place on the House Oversight Committee.

Take a look at this tweet from Louise Mensch, who is a current independent investigator who has released inside scoops on the Trump/Russia scandal all along the way.

“Kompromat” means compromising material.

We will let you decide what that means for Chaffetz and his motives for not pursuing Trump.

Even after Congress and members of the House Committee have urged him to investigate Russia’s coullusion in the 2016 presidential election.

Sure seems like the “kompromat” might be what’s causing this young political star to put his fire out.

Either way, he has no place on the House Oversight Comittee.

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