Watch Reporter Call Out Spicer Live On National TV For Lying About Trump’s Taxes

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The 800 pound elephant room in the White House is, aside from bloated Trump himself, the dirty fact that our President still refuses to release his tax returns.

Trump’s resistance came to a head recently with the Tax Day March on April 15, when hundreds of thousands of Americans nationwide protested Trump in an effort to make his tax return secrecy as uncomfortable as possible for the White House.

A reporter marked this occasion by destroying Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer to his face when Spicer gave a ridiculous excuse for why Trump still won’t release his taxes.

In the White House press room, reporters pressured Spicer on the topic of Trump’s taxes. Stated one reporter, “Presumably, they are not under audit.”

Responded Sean, acting annoyed, “They are. I think it’s been covered before.

It’s the same thing that was discussed on the campaign trail. The president is under audit.

It’s a routine one and it continues. And I think the American public [knows] clearly where he stands.

This is something that he made very clear during the election cycle.”

Thankfully the journalists would not let Spicer off the hook for this blatant evasion of the truth.

Asked ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, “You’ve been asked about this obviously a thousand times.

You always talk about you’re under audit, the president is under audit.

Is it time to say once and for all, the president is never going to release his tax returns?”

Answering Spicer, dodging yet again, “We’ll have to get back to you on that.” Shot back Karl, “I mean, really.” Answered Spicer, “Really.” Asked Jonathan, “So, he may?”

Responded Spicer, peeved, “No! I said I’d have to get back to you on that. I think that he is still under audit, the statement still stands.”

Are you glad this reporter turned up the heat on former bunny suit wearer Spicer?

Watch the full exchange in the two clips below:

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