Trump Is First President In History To Congratulate A Dictator

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Apparently, if you stroke Trump’s ego, he will stroke yours back.Earlier this week, President Trump congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyep Erdogan.

Recently, there was a victory for the Turkish President when a referendum was passed that grants him massive executive authority over his people.

According to CNN, Erdogan was “nice” to Trump after he won the presidential election and supportive of Trump’s reaction to Syria.

The Turkish President tweeted:

Trump loved that. According to the White House, after Trump saw the tweet, the Turkish President and Trump had a 45-minute phone conversation.

Here is what the White House had to say.

“President Donald J. Trump today spoke by phone with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey about the close, long-standing relationship between the United States and Turkey and their shared commitment to combating terrorism in all its forms.

President Trump reiterated U.S. support to Turkey as a strategic partner and NATO ally, and welcomed Turkey’s contributions to the counter-ISIS campaign.”

Then, after Trump decided to strike a Syrian airbase earlier this month, Erdogan supported Trump’s decision.

The White House confirmed this much in a statement on Monday night; “President Trump thanked President Erdogan for supporting this action by the United States, and the leaders agreed on the importance of holding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accountable.”

Is it true that if you are nice to Trump, Trump will be nice to you?

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