More Republicans Caught Colluding With Russia – Guess Who This Time?

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As the investigation into President Trump’s ties with Russia progresses, the public seems to be learning more each day.

In fact, the U.S intelligence community leaked some interesting information recently containing President Donald Trump and three of his advisers confessing to treason on tape.

Also a recording of Rudy Giuliani seeking to make a deal with the FBI.

Ah, but the plot thickens. It’s not just Trump that’s involved with Russia.

It’s the entire Republican Party.

According to sources, GOP House and Senate leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are also likely to be in cahoots with Russia.

On Monday, Taylor posted to Twitter that he is “Starting to hear chatter that there are intercepts w/ Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell discussing funneling illegal Russian money into the campaign.”

He also stressed that this is just “chatter,” not sourced, and that this information has not been confirmed.

The other political pundit, ImpeachAgentOrangsky, who has also been proven reliable on her sources, posted to Twitter saying, “WOW. According to anonymous intel sources Ryan & McConnell are on tape talking about laundering Russian money thru Super Pacs.”

Furthermore, there has already been confirmation that Russian Ambassador and GRU from Russia attended the Republican National Convention.

The fact that the Republicans feel that they can lie and say that Ryan and McConnell knew nothing about the collusion and election tampering is absurd.

It’s an insult to Americans’ intelligence.

What do you think?