This Is How Putin Is Going To Break Up With Trump

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Scholar Nina Khruscheva, who is Cold War era Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev’s granddaughter, knows a thing or two about how the Russian government operates at its highest levels.

Khruscheva has been observing the cat and mouse game that Vladimir Putin has been playing with his handpicked American puppet Donald Trump, and she made a startling prediction about what Putin is about to do to Trump now that our president is no longer serving Putin’s purposes.

Asked MSNBC host Joy Reid about Putin and Trump on AM Joy, “Where do you see this relationship going?

It feels like it’s deteriorating or perhaps destined to deteriorate. What do you make of it?”

Responded Nina, “Well, I actually never thought that it’s going to go anywhere.

In fact, I actually wrote last summer that Putin is a pragmatic politician.

He cannot possibly not think that the disaster of Donald Trump is going to work wonders for him.

He could have hoped, he thought he could manipulate it, he used it for as long as he could have.

But now the reality, as I said, has kicked in.”

Noting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent failure to set up a meeting between Trump and Putin, Khruscheva stated, “As much as the Russians want to have a relationship with the United States, they are clearly understanding that the longer that meeting doesn’t happen, the more Putin would actually return to his own devices. And that is a big, big danger.”

Cut in Reid, “Very quickly. The fear that a lot of Americans have is the sort of underlying undercurrent, that there is some retaliation that regime might use because it might have something on Donald Trump.”

Nina answered, “I’m certain. Because Putin, I keep saying on this show, he is an equal opportunity offender.

If he had Hillary Clinton — then he certainly would have something on Trump and they will be very willing to act on it in an act of cyber-war, as Malcolm Nance always reminds me.

That would be very dangerous and then can really can turn this relationship into the stage it is in.”

Do you think Khruscheva is correct?

Watch the full interview below:

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