Shocking Reason Why Trump Bombed Syria – Has Nothing To Do With Syrian Kids

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Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wasn’t duped by President Donald Trump’s recent missile strike on a Syrian airfield, an act that many on both sides of the political spectrum hailed as justified vengeance against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his gas attack on his own citizens.

In a recent New York Times article, Krugman laid bare the real reason that Trump decided to take one-time military action in Syria.

Wrote Paul, “So what have we learned from the Syria attack and its aftermath?

No, we haven’t learned that Mr. Trump is an effective leader.

Ordering the U.S. military to fire off some missiles is easy.

Doing so in a way that actually serves American interests is the hard part, and we’ve seen no indication whatsoever that Mr. Trump and his advisers have figured that part out.

Actually, what we know of the decision-making process is anything but reassuring.

Just days before the strike, the Trump administration seemed to be signaling lack of interest in Syrian regime change.

What changed?

The images of poison-gas victims were horrible, but Syria has been an incredible horror story for years.

Is Mr. Trump making life-and-death national security decisions based on TV coverage?”

Krugman continued, “One thing is certain: The media reaction to the Syria strike showed that many pundits and news organizations have learned nothing from past failures.

Mr. Trump may like to claim that the media are biased against him, but the truth is that they’ve bent over backward in his favor.

They want to seem balanced, even when there is no balance; they have been desperate for excuses to ignore the dubious circumstances of his election and his erratic behavior in office, and start treating him as a normal president.

You may recall how, a month and a half ago, pundits eagerly declared that Mr.

Trump ‘became the president of the United States today’ because he managed to read a speech off a teleprompter without going off script.

Then he started tweeting again. One might have expected that experience to serve as a lesson.

But no: The U.S. fired off some missiles, and once again Mr. Trump ‘became president.’

Aside from everything else, think about the incentives this creates.

The Trump administration now knows that it can always crowd out reporting about its scandals and failures by bombing someone.”

Do you think Krugman is correct about Trump’s true motive?

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