Jeff Sessions Will Be Disbarred After 1,000s Of Complaints!

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A group of attorneys from across America have just filed a complaint with the Bar Association against Trump’s Attorney General Sen. Jeff Sessions.

According to the complaint, Sessions has already committed four different types of professional misconduct during his time as Attorney General.

The Alabama Reporter  wrote, “Almost 2,000 attorneys from across the US have signed on to a complaint addressed to the Alabama State Bar Disciplinary Committee asking that Attorney General Jeff Session be disbarred from the Alabama State Bar.”

Moreoever, Massachusetts attorney J.

Whitefield Larrabee also filed a complaint with the Bar Association of Alabama accompanied by a complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The four complaints from the 2,000 lawyers to the Alabama Bar are below.

“(1) An affirmative misrepresentation of fact under oath during testimony in Mr. Sessions’ Senate confirmation process, specifically to a question propounded by Senator Al Franken.

(2) During Mr. Sessions’ US Senate confirmation hearing, failure to disclose significant facts material to an issue of national significance, that is, contacts with the Russian government during the presidential election.

(3) Perjury committed during Mr. Sessions’ Senate confirmation hearing.

(4) As Attorney General, withholding information about his own discussions with a representative of the Russian government, all while overseeing investigations into Russian interference with the US electoral process and Trump-Russia ties.”

Larrabee also pointed out, “Jeff Sessions is now subject to more complaints than any lawyer in the history of the United States.”

Larrabee also stated:

“The dishonest acts that are substantiated in these Bar complaints indicate that Sessions cannot continue to properly perform his responsibilities without damaging the integrity of the Department of Justice.

The Department is a vitally important institution in our democracy.”

“If Sessions does not immediately resign, it is the duty of President Trump to fire him.”

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