(VIDEO) MLK’s Wife Wrote THIS About Trump’s AG PICK. It Is SHOCKING.

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President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) represents a nightmare choice for African-Americans who believe the justice system is infected with systemic racism.

However, Trump and the GOP are busy trying to gaslight Americans into thinking that Sessions is a civil rights crusader and not the hard-nosed racist segregationist that others characterize him as.

However, a letter from Coretta Scott King, the late wife of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., may just be the dynamite to blow Trump’s fairy tale into a million little pieces.

According to BuzzFeed, an impassioned letter written by Coretta Scott King herself was one of the key elements that killed Sessions’ bid for a judgeship on the U.S. District Court for Alabama’s Southern District. However, there may be a problem for Democrats hoping to use his letter in the Senate confirmation hearings. It appears that the original letter may be missing and that Republicans may be to blame.

According to BuzzFeed, then-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Strom Thurmond (who’s civil rights history is even worse than Sessions), chose not to put the letter into the Congressional record. And while the letter voiced clear and unambiguous opposition to Session’s appointment, the complete contents of the letter have never been made public. There is only one quote from Mrs. King’s letter available within the public domain.

For a century, the racial practices that characterized our region were established and enforced by men who, like Mr. Sessions, protested that they, too, were not personally hostile to blacks,” published in June 1986 by Knight Ridder reporter Aaron Epstein, BuzzFeed reports.

And while many senators on the Judiciary Committee have reportedly viewed the letter in its entirety, the letter has still not been made public. Now here’s the awful news.

Only Judicial Committee Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has the authority to release it (if, in fact, it does still exist). BuzzFeed is currently calling for anyone who has a copy of the letter to contact them.

Republicans are trying to push Sessions’ hearing through under the radar along with Trump’s other undesirable cabinet picks. However, if justice prevails, a powerful voice from the past may yet once again derail Sessions’ ambitions, and deal a severe blow to Trump’s new administration.

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