Trump’s Twitter MELTDOWN: Raising Questions About his Mental Health

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We don’t know the answer, but based on his deteriorating pattern of behavior and the role he’s about to take on, we have to ask the question. Donald Trump went on a twelve hour Twitter binge on Sunday, full of mood swings and erratic changing of topics, strange accusations, outright lies, skittish behavior, and ending it all by delusionally declaring that the entire media is “fake.”

The question, of course, is whether he’s high on drugs when he goes on these benders. And the answer matters.

The evidence is scattered, but prevalent enough that it’s appropriate and necessary to ask whether the guy who’s about to have his finger on the nuclear button is currently abusing hard drugs.

The constant sniffing during the debates led many to ask whether he was high on cocaine at the time. That question was asked by Howard Dean, a medical doctor. And the late Carrie Fisher, who had a history of cocaine usage herself, famously quipped that based on her own experiences she could tell he was “absolutely” high on cocaine.

There are also widespread rumors, which no one can prove or disprove because Donald Trump refuses to release his medical records, that he may have a history with amphetamines.

But the coke head accusation is the one that set seemed to set Trump off. When it was widely hurled at him during the debates, he decided to insist that Hillary Clinton was on drugs. And we all know Trump has a history of projecting his own behaviors onto those of his opponents.

These are serious accusations coming from a lot of different direction, and one would think that Trump would want to go out of his way to disprove them if they’re untrue. It might be unfair to ask whether a private citizen is on drugs without proof.

But when a guy wants to occupy the Oval Office, and there’s this much evidence of possible drug use, and he’s now acting in a manner consistent with a drug user, every American has a responsibility to ask the question – and to demand that Trump take a drug test.

What do you think?