Fox’s Hannity Tweets “MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN!” But the Internet Is NOT HAVING IT!

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On Sunday Fox News host Sean Hannity sent, and then deleted, a tweet expressing apparent agreement with the sentiment, “make Russia great again.” Hannity later described his tweet as an “honest mistake.”

Early Sunday afternoon, Hannity retweeted a message from an anonymous account calling for all Americans to join together to “MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN,” appending to it his own comment, “Amen!!”

The tweet, which appears to have been sarcastic, was by @donnielilhands, an account that lampoons Trump.

Hannity’s tweet was deleted later in the afternoon, after astonishment that Hannity had made the tweet began to pour in, including from CNN media reporter Brian Stelter, who tweeted, “Uh, Sean?”

And the internet had a field day:

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