Ivanka Trump BUSTED For Breaking Daddy’s BIGGEST Campaign Promise

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By now, it’s pretty obvious that President-elect Donald Trump is not only a liar who has already backtracked on several of his major campaign promises, but he is a hypocrite. And it turns out, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – his children are just like him, and his beloved, lusted-after daughter Ivanka has proven that in a humiliating way.

One of Trump’s biggest promises to America during his presidential campaign was that he would bring tons of jobs back to America. Trump has promised this so many times that it’s become one of his most common Twitter rants. He’s even promised – multiple times – to punish companies that outsource their products to other countries. But does Trump practice what he preaches? Hell no! Trump’s products made all over the world, as The Washington Post reported last year:

“Trump shirts were made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam… Trump eyeglasses are made in China… Several Trump Home items are listed as made in China or imported from China — mirrors, ceramic vases, wall decorations, kitchen items and lighting fixtures… Trump Hotel pens were made in China or Taiwan, and imported into the United States via South Korea. Shampoo, body wash, moisturizers, shower caps, laundry bags, show bags, pet collars, pet leashes and bath towels at Trump hotels are all listed as made in China.”

And it turns out, Ivanka is following in his footsteps – and she’s being exposed for it. Currently, over 100,000 pairs of her Ivanka Trump branded shoes have been manufactured in a Huajian shoe factory in China – a truly humiliating discovery now that Trump is to begin his term in just a few days. Here are some photos from the factory:


This also made its rounds on Twitter, further adding to Trump’s humiliation. The backlash was so bad, Ivanka had to stop producing the shoes in China. But are they being made in America now? Nope. She outsourced the job to Ethiopia.

America really could not have elected a more dishonest family than the Trumps. Get ready for four disastrous years of corruption, lies and greed.

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