PROOF: 5 of 9 Voting Machines In Wisconsin Were RIGGED!

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Strange things seemed to keep happening in Wisconsin on Election Day. For example, four wards in Outagamie County were found to have more votes counted than ballots cast. Now, an observer of the vote recount in St. Croix County discovered that the seals of five out of nine of the voting machines were tampered with.

And of course, all the strange things that keep happening in Wisconsin seem to favor Donald Trump. On Thursday, the Green Party’s Jill Stein posted photos snapped by a woman who gives only her first name: Wendy.

‘Five of the nine machines being used in the recount have tampered seals. Photos of two are attached. Photo of seal, followed by photo of serial number.’

Here’s one of the St. Croix County voting machines with the seal broken.


SOURCE: Jill Stein

And here’s a photo of the same voting machine with the serial number.


SOURCE: Jill Stein
Bill Palmer from The Palmer Report adds that St. Croix County “is currently doing both a hand recount and a machine recount.” Palmer also noted the broken seals for the voting machines void the warranty.

‘Based on the photographs she posted to Stein’s official campaign website, the broken seals themselves come with the warning label that “Removal of seal voids warranty.”’

So far, no explanation from election officials from Wisconsin or St. Croix County can explain why the seals on more than half of the vote counting machines have been visibly tampered with. Perhaps the GOP or Russia had someone hack the machines… Or maybe someone in La Croix County is the kind of person who just can’t stop picking at those pesky labels. Either way, the Palmer Report finds this highly disturbing.

‘But in any case, the broken tamper seals stand out as alarming — and could serve as legal fodder for expanding the scope of the recount.’

Since Donald Trump keeps saying the elections are rigged and bragging about how much everyone loves him, you’d think he’d want to remove all doubts. Instead, his lawyers and supporters have filed lawsuits to stop the vote recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn ruled that the Wisconsin vote recount can proceed. Alas, she rejected Jill Stein’s request to recount the ballots by hand and left it to county officials to decide. Twelve counties have chosen to opt out, but the broken seals may convince Bailey-Rihn to reverse her ruling.

WATCH: Vice News reports on the Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania vote recounts.

Vice News explains how the vote recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are unlikely to overturn Donald Trump’s victory, but they’re important for reassuring voters that our election system is fair.

Unfortunately, tampered voting machines and padded vote counts are just the tip of the iceberg. The Republican Party has all kinds of other ways to rig elections for their hostile takeover of America. Their tactics include: Voter ID laws, cutting back on the hours and locations of polling places, redrawing district maps, installing right-wing judges, and spreading lies about voter fraud that undermine the public’s trust in government.

Jill Stein talks to VICE News Tonight about her recount efforts in Wisconsin.

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