Woman Regrets Voting For Trump After He Picks The BANKER That FORECLOSED Her HOME To Be Treasury Secretary

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A Trump supporter has expressed regret for voting for the President-elect after hearing that he had appointed the banker who foreclosed on her house to be the country’s new Treasury secretary.

Before the housing crisis, Teena Colebrook had refinanced her home to start up a triplex, earning her income from two of the residences while residing in the third. Donald Trump’s new Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin’s bank OneWest foreclosed on Colebrook and thousands of others after the housing crash – which was caused by subprime mortgages that bankers like Mnuchin authorized.

When Mnuchin foreclosed on Colebrook’s units, she was also stripped of her primary source of income.

“All my tenants lost their jobs in the crash,” Colebrook said. “They couldn’t pay. It was a knock-on effect.”

Mnuchin sold OneWest for $3.4 billions in 2014, but Colebrook is still in court fighting the foreclosures imposed upon her by Mnuchin’s banking practices.

Colebrook told AP that she voted for Trump because she had believed him when he promised during his campaign to “drain the swamp” of bureaucratic elites from Washington. She views his appointment of Mnuchin as a complete betrayal of that trust.

“I just wish that I had not voted,” said Colebrook, 59. “I have no faith in our government anymore at all. They all promise you the world at the end of a stick and take it away once they get in…. He doesn’t want the truth. He’s now backing his buddies.”

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