Trump Voters Already REGRETTING Their Votes After Trump STABS Them In The Back

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Donald Trump’s supporters are having serious regrets about what they just did, and the most indignant responses are being captured for posterity.

On the Tumblr blog “Trumpgrets,” voters who picked the President-elect are seen openly regretting their choice in the election when hearing about their candidate’s abandoning of multiple campaign promises. As it turns out, one of the biggest fears from Trump supporters is losing their Medicare benefits. Trump has so far not publicly opposed House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plans to dismantle Medicare and turn it into a voucher system for private health insurance plans. Right-wing commentator Ann Coulter’s tweet bashing Trump’s Medicare plan brought out lots of Trumpgrets:




This Washington Post article about Republicans tangling with Obamacare when suddenly faced with a Republican president and a Republican supermajority in Congress is telling. A Republican state senator in West Virginia said she hoped the person she elected president wouldn’t kick some 200,000 impoverished West Virginians off of the state’s Medicaid rolls.

I don’t want to throw them off into the cold, and I don’t think that’s a strategy that I want to see. It’s too many people. That’s over 200,000 people in my state. So we need a transition,” Senator Shelley Moore Capito told Talking Points Memo. “I think we’ll repeal and then we’ll work during the transition period for the replacement vehicle.”

Bizarrely, one woman who voted for Trump claimed she did so to close the gender pay gap. Making sure women earned equal pay to their male counterparts was a primary plank of Hillary Clinton’s campaign platform, though Twitter user Sandi Haynes either didn’t know that, or assumed Trump would do the same.


Some of Trump’s loudest supporters also shared their regrets over his new appointees, which are a complete 180-degree turn from his earlier positions in which he promised to “drain the swamp,” referring to lobbyists and hangers-on in Washington. Even though the President-elect removed lobbyists from his transition team after catching enough flak, The Intercept pointed out that the new members of the Trump transition team that replaced the lobbyists fired by Mike Pence are merely former lobbyists. The disappointment from the President-elect’s supporters was palpable.







Trump voters sharing their regrets is providing a healthy bit of schadenfreude (German for “pleasure at the misfortune of others”) for shell-shocked liberals. Twitter user @cirpilicious pointed out that voters eager to see a white supremacist elected president overlooked the fact that his policies leave a lot to be desired. Others laughing at disappointed Trump supporters also lamented that their laughter was stifled by the fact that Donald Trump would be president until at least 2020. A viral post-Brexit tweet was also resurrected to be appropriated for disaffected Trump voters.

Read all of the funniest regrets of Trump supporters on the official Tumblr blog.

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