Recount Results So AMAZING Hillary Is Making Her First Public Appearance!

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Wow, these recount efforts have been truly stunning. It’s really turned into an entire concerted effort. This seems to be hard proof that progressives banded together to heed the viral grassroots call to action against Trump, which you can (and should) read for yourself here.

And now there is truly groundbreaking news coming in from Pennsylvania, one of the key swing states! Previous reports had Hillary down  by over 71,000 votes – but that’s being corrected quickly. New information brings the margin of victory even closer – making the recount process within reach.

After the Philadelphia count, Trump is only beating Hillary by 46,435 votes. That one city alone nearly slashed the total points she was down by nearly half. That’s a lot. It remains to be seen how much the vote will narrow when other cities are re-tallied. But one thing is for sure: this could be huge!

Remember, there are people out there doing some real number-crunching. And they have found that, to win, 22,177 votes in Wisconsin, 10,704 votes in Michigan, and 46,435 (so far) in Pennsylvania. In total, with all three states combined, Clinton is only behind 80,000 votes.

80,000 votes. That’s how many people gave Trump victory at this point?! That’s hardly any…a mid-size town’s worth of people, really. It’s insane that such a small handful of people can change the course of history to such an extent, especially when it seems clear how awful a Trump presidency would be for humanity, as this article perfectly points out.

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