Pennsylvania Vote Recount Results Are SHOCKING… Guess Who Is Ahead By How Much?

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After the final vote count, and BEFORE the recount requested by Jill Stein, Trump is ahead of Hillary by just 46,000 votes in Pennsylvania. Prior estimates had Trump ahead by approximately 80,000 votes.

That’s a difference of about 0.8 percent. In Pennsylvania, votes must be recounted in races with margins less than 0.5 percent. A 0.5 percent margin in Pennsylvania this year would have been about 30,000 votes. Still, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is continuing to push for a statewide recount of the votes, and attorneys representing her will likely appear in court Monday to argue for the recount.

Stein is also pushing recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin, two other swing states where Trump bested Clinton. In the three states combined, Clinton lost by a total of about 80,000 votes.

If the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania go in Clinton’s favor, she will win the electoral college. She has already won the popular vote by at least 2.5 million votes (and counting).

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