Mainstream Media REFUSES To Cover What Electoral College Voters Are Doing To Trump

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The Electors are really starting to do something unprecedented, but something totally within their rights. And it might be something that could actually save America from the true threat that stands before us in the form of Donald J Trump coming into power as President. We can’t allow it. And now we need to take this progressive-endorsed pledge to resist Donald Trump!

In response to our future Commander-in-chief, a coalition of anti-Trump members of the Electoral College are standing up to their peers who helped a completely unqualified and dangerous candidate win the 2016 election. Yahoo! These Electoral College members are resisting Trump by opening a nonprofit committee to raise funds in a mad dash to stop Trump’s official election.

The group is calling itself Hamilton Electors, and it just registered itself as a 527 political committee on Tuesday – a reference to the federal tax code that provides for tax-exempt political organizations. Although there’s no way to know how successful the committee will be yet, we’ve already seen that most of the country is unhappy with the results of the election and would love it if Trump was stopped.

This is why it is so critical not to “unite with” or “work with” Trump, but rather to take this call to action and instead unite against him!

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